New Solar Thermal Energy Trainers

The annual solar energy irradiated onto the continents is about 5,000 times the global demand for primary energy. GUNT’s Solar Thermal training equipment teaches students how to optimize this tremendous energy source.

Wind Energy

While traditional windmills have been widely used for hundreds of years for mechanical drives, generating electricity by means of large wind power plants is currently experiencing a breakthrough. The process of energy recovery through wind power includes extensive theoretical principles in addition to the practical aspects. GUNT offers suitable teaching systems for developing an understanding …

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GUNT Catalogue 3a: Refrigeration and air conditioning technology

In this new catalogue, we present a comprehensive overview of our innovative demonstration and experimental refrigeration and air conditioning units. GUNT units are used for: Education in technical professions Training and education of technical personnel in trade and industry Studies in engineering disciplines If you would like to receive a hard copy of the catalogue please feel …

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Our new overview catalogue

Take a look at our brand new overview catalogue. Download Catalogue The entire GUNT programme – versatile and comprehensive. Five programme areas have been developed and proven for the major fields of engineering education that don’t just show products, but also provide valuable advice and information. The content is structured based on the curriculum. With …

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