Thermal Engineering and HVAC

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This catalogue offers a comprehensive array of teaching and research equipment for Thermal Engineering & HVAC.

Our philosophy at GUNT is to provide a product range based directly upon day to day needs and curriculum requirements of professional educators in the fields of thermodynamics, thermal energy and renewable energy.

Fundamentals of thermodynamics

Thermodynamics describes the general theory of energy and substance conversion. The fundamentals of thermodynamics deal with the behaviour of systems during temperature changes.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are used for heating, cooling, evaporation or condensation of media at different temperatures. The basic function is to transfer the thermal energy of a medium with a higher temperature level to a medium with a lower temperature level.

Thermal fluid energy machines

The designation fluid energy machine is a general term for all machines where energy conversion takes place with the help of a fluid.

Internal combustion engines

GUNT offers various internal combustion engines with capacities of up to 75kW, including real car engines with a volumetric displacement of up to two litres. Among these engines are four-stroke diesel and petrol engines, petrol engines with variable compression and two-stroke petrol engines.

Heating technics

Heating engineering describes the various technical possibilities for heating enclosed spaces.

Air conditioning technology

Air conditioning technology is a particularly demanding topical area of supply engineering because the temperature, humidity and air quality of the room to be supplied are regulated.


Ventilation technology describes the air supply in enclosed spaces. Contrary to air conditioning technology, no conditioning of the temperature and humidity takes place.

Renewable energies in building services engineering

Saving energy is becoming increasingly important in modern building services engineering. The use of renewable energies in building services engineering has already become standard in many countries.

Sanitary systems

This catalogue offers a comprehensive array of teaching and research equipment for Thermal Engineering & HVAC.

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