Fluid Energy Machines Brochure

GUNT’s new FEMLine (Fluid Energy Machines) brochure is now available for download, or print.

The GUNT-FEMLine equipment series was designed specifically to represent the great diversity of fluid energy machines. The series offers a variety of options to learn about and gain an in-depth understanding of this complex subject matter.

To ensure a high level of practical orientation of the devices, the GUNT-FEMLine was developed with industrial components. This allows students to practice on examples from industrial applications that they will also encounter in their future workplaces.

The FEMLine is divided into the following 6 categories:

  • Water pump training part 1 roto dynamic pumps
  • Water pump training part 2 positive displacement pumps
  • Oil pump training
  • Turbine training
  • Internal combustion engine training
  • Systems engineering training

If you would like a copy of the brochure sent to you by post, please feel free to contact us to request this. Or you can download the brochure from the link below;

Download the brochure

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