Canadian Didactic Inc. provides leading edge training equipment and technology to Canada’s educational community.

We combine top quality product with top quality service in order to support our customers in their pursuit of reliable, durable and impactful laboratory learning experiences. With 20 years experience working with Canada’s educators, we know what’s important and how to deliver it!

Our partner, G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH, is a German manufacturer and global leader in didactic engineering equipment. They develop, manufacture and provide educational engineering training equipment that is designed and built for universities, colleges and technical training academies.

Our range has over 1000 experiments in its portfolio, covering key areas of educational engineering subjects. In addition to providing equipment, our company also provides key services such as:


  • Laboratory planning
  • Equipment / laboratory installation
  • Equipment operation
  • Equipment testing
  • Training

About GUNT

GUNT maintains partnerships with many leading universities and this foothold in education and research has allowed us to remain on the leading edge in our field and to expand our range of training products to the benefit of all engineering establishments.

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