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This catalogue is offering you a full range of teaching and training systems for innovative laboratory work in process control engineering and process engineering (chemical engineering).

Our units make it easier to understand the complex theoretical principles on which the processes (unit operations) are based.

In many cases, our products feature data acquisition software to support effective learning.

Mechanical process engineering

Process engineering is the engineering science of material transformation.
Mechanical process engineering involves the changes in material properties (e.g. particle size), and composition (concentration), due to mechanical effects.

Thermal process engineering

The basis of thermal process engineering is thermal separation processes. In mixtures made up of at least two components, heat and material transfer processes are used to selectively change the composition (concentration) of the mixture.

Chemical process engineering

Unlike in mechanical or thermal process engineering, the focus of chemical process engineering is not to change substance properties or the composition of a substance. The central subject of chemical process engineering is the creation of a new substance type through a chemical reaction.

Biological process engineering

Biological process engineering deals with biological mass transformation.

Water treatment

The application areas of process engineering are manifold. Due to the relevance to society as a whole, the energy and environmental engineering sectors have come about in the recent past. From the environmental engineering sector, you will find the complete water treatment product range in this sector.

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